Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jan the Van

For all of you out there who have been wondering.... Yes we needed a bigger car for the new baby. Meet Jan the Van . She has two sliding doors, 15 cupholders (but only seats 7), She has all of the newest safety features side and curtain airbags for front seats and both back row seats. She also has a secret cargo department that the seats collapse into. We are hoping she can take Mario Maxima (see the Packers latest addition) out for a ride.
Sammy calls her Chia (that is sammy speak for Kia). He loves being able to look out all the windows and see the cars go by.. best of all she has tinted windows so it doesn't get to sunny in the backseat. We did discover one of Sharon's hidden talents negotiating with Car Dealers. If you need a good deal on a car give her a call. Her I'm tired and I'm pregnant with a screaming two year will beat down any salesman on the block. Of course that might work for anyone that decided to keep their 2 year old and pregnant wife in dealership with a broken air conditioner for 3 hours.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We are having a girl!!!

We had our 20 week ultrasound today. And it is a girl! We have really been excited and wanting a girl this time, I have been eyeing all the little pink dresses. She will be expected around December 2, 2008.
She is really active ( I knew that long before we saw her squirming around on the monitor) I keep thinking I am nervous..but the butterflies are just the very active baby.
Sammy is so cute about the baby, he was so excited to see the ultrasound photo...saying "Hi Baby." We play a game where I wrap up one of his stuffed animals and pretend it is a baby. He is so sweet and soft with it--kissing and whispering to the "baby." Then he gets bored and throws it on the ground. We need to work on that part.
We are so excited...and it was really good that it's a girl..I was almost in tears yesterday because we could not think of any boy names at all. (I cry a lot more since being pregnant-movies I've seen a hundred times now bring me to tears)
Now I have to go on a hunt for pink...if she is ever going to compete with Sammy for toys, clothes, and just "stuff."