Monday, October 27, 2008


So we are moving about a block away from our current apartment. The crazy thing is I will be just over eight months, about 37 weeks as we move. (CRAZY!) We decided we wanted to save money and move to a smaller place. I will miss my kitchen..sniff..sniff. When we decided to move I do not think I realised how pregnant I was going to be. I just hope this baby does not come early!!! WE are excited about it, and don't even have to change wards!!!! Wish us luck!


LA Adams said...

Isn't life grand! Nothing like change to shake everything up. Amy is shaken up good so she can relate to moving and new experiences. Congratulations on the new job! Anna will be the same after she is born as she is now - active. Have fun!

Pingel said...

ahhhh your so stinkin close to delivering. are you excited? hope you don't pull anything moving ;)