Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wymount Memories

Brigham, Carson, and Sammy
We got together with friends from Wymount and had a play date. These boys were all born around the same time. And it was fun to watch them grow up together. Then we moved around the same area after moving so the boys can still play together.
Then we all had girls with in several months of each other. It was so fun to watch the boys and their sisters playing together. They are so fun!


LA Adams said...

Is it in the water? In Concord if you have a boy you have another boy, if you have a girl you have another girl. In fact there a few families with 3 girls, and 3 boys. For 3 of you to have a boy and then a girl and all of you are close friends is awesome!

Julia & Aaron said...

No way!!! I wish I could have visited too! Too far away...but I could have brought my boy/girl duo too, except Lilly is probably older. Please tell Erin and Michelle hi for me if you see them again!!!

Bowman Family said...

I see Erin all the time and sent your greetings along. Your kids are getting so big. I wish I had Sammy potty trained...I can't believe how well Eldon is at it already.