Sunday, October 11, 2009

Book of Mormon to Ipod

Hey everyone,
Just in case you are interested. DJ spent a couple of hours getting the Book of Mormon formatted to the ipod audiobbok format. This makes it so that you can listen to the Book of Mormon in the audiobooks section so that it saves your place. i.e. you can go listen to music and then when you are feeling spiritual then you can switch back over to your place in the Book of Mormon. Let us know if you want a copy. Our stake presidency challenged us to read the whole thing in 100 days.This was our solution to deal with the distraction of the kids and trying to read the Book of Mormon at the same time. Just in case your curious to read it in 100 days its 7 pages a day or 26 hours of listening. DJ also did it in Portuguese. He will soon be adding Jesus the Christ to that collection as well. Transfer method will have to be creative though it is 439MB any ideas ?

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LA Adams said...

David is one seriously talented man. I don't currently have an ipod though some of my children do. I once read the Book of Mormon in 2 weeks, so it probably translates pretty well. I'm really enjoying reading with Rachel every night, last night Michael and Jeffrey joined us and and we ended up talking about promptings of the spirit and Elder Scott's talk in conference last week.