Tuesday, March 13, 2012


As I hear my children pray it touches my heart. I realized how happy and blessed we have constantly been. Are there tough times? Well yeah of course, but filled with so many beautiful moments. I am constantly amazed. When my kids cuddle up for our bedtime routine I have time to think over the day.
My kids have such good hearts. Watching them share without being told to--help clean up the mess the other had made--and especially the constant kisses and hugs they give-- it reminds me how blessed I am. Too many days I am so rushed and overwhelmed with being a mom I forget to be grateful for these sweet tender moments.
I told my husband we can be happy anywhere we are. That is really true. I love the welcome we feel in Montana. I am only sad so many of my friends keep moving.
I am also incredibly grateful for my sweet husband. He helps me to be more social and get out of my bubble. I am very happy to be married to him...I can't believe it will be 7 years this summer. Time is flying so fast. A good reason to remember the small sweet moments and be grateful for them.

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